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Having won only 2 of their last 10 contests, the Islanders are having a rough November.  To shake things up a bit, the team has made a call for some young blood from their minor league associate, the Bridgeport SoundTigers.  They summon Swedish forward, David Ullstrom and 25-year-old, hard hitting C/F Mike Haley along with their 2010-2011 Swiss draft pick, winger Nino Niederreiter .  (Learn to spell it, this will be on the test later.)

They may not be every-day players, but I thinks it’s a good idea to not let guys get too comfortable with just being in the lineup.  One of the biggest shake-ups was last week was when GM Garth Snow sent Isles forward Blake Comeau back down to Bridgeport, their minor league team.  In the NHL, when a player does not have a 2-way contract, he must pass through waivers. Meaning; any team can make a claim on this player to add him to their team, in turn taking on his full contract and relieving the previous team of any responsibilities toward this player.  So you could imagine the effect this can have on other “complacent” players on the team.

Reading up on, we might be surprised to learn the NY Islanders are looking to move Minnesota native Kyle Okposo. (Or you might not be.) Personally, I like the guy. I think he has the ability to be a 25 goal scorer every season and be a great fore-checker, but he hasn’t exactly done anything amazing this season.   He had a great 2-goal, 3-point game against  Philly last week.  Other than that, he hasn’t even averaged 2 shots on a goal a game.  In his defense, Kyle had to end his season short last year due to a torn labrum (shoulder injury) which required surgery and plenty of rest. He did do fairly well in his only 38 appearances, which gives us hope and raises expectations for this year.

Does it warrant he be put up for sale? If so, who would take him based on his potential?  According to sources, “Columbus Blue Jackets, Toronto Maple Leafs, St. Louis Blues, and Winnipeg Jets are in on Kyle Okposo.”  Any one of those teams would be grateful to have such a young, talented playing who can play both sides of the puck.

In unrelated news, the Calgary Flames are looking to move Jerome Iginla and his $7 million a year (for the next 2 years) salary. The Islanders happen to be one of the NHL’s lowest “cap limited” teams, meaning they have lots of monies to give out if they so choose. Actually, their team doesn’t even meet the minimum amount they have to pay their team, but thanks to buyouts of ex-Islanders (who will rename nameless to not curse this blog), they just make the cap floor, leaving the ceiling somewhat…high.  If it weren’t for Jerome’s No Trade Clause, I’m confident anyone of the previous mentioned teams, including the Islanders, would have him, freeing up some space for the struggling Calgary Flames.

Also rumored, Bobby Ryan of the Anaheim Ducks could be seeing a new home by the new year. Teams are looking to shake things up and moving players and coaches seems to not let anyone become, there’s that word again, COMPLACENT.